You've got the power to lead your own, unique way. Join our 6-week program to outgrow yourself without compromising who you are and where you come from.

Leadership is
not a job title.

It's a decision to be made, and a mindset and skillset that can be acquired. This program will prepare you to influence at all levels while staying true to yourself. Regardless of whether you're an individual contributor in a large corporation or you run your own business. The WaveMakers program is for anyone who wants to become an authentic leader.

Throughout the program, you will learn, experiment and grow alongside other WaveMakers. You will work on different aspects of your personal and professional lives, identify and strengthen your own leadership superpowers, and engage with other WaveMakers who want to make a difference in the world. Stop chasing others' expectations and start creating your own way.

What you can expect

Practical Tools

No boring lectures, but practical tools and real-life experimentation. You'll get access to a content library with videos and articles, and a personal workbook with exercises and weekly challenges.


Weekly live session and an active Slack community to gain new perspectives and motivation. You will embark on an interactive leadership journey with fellow WaveMakers from around the world.

Safe Space

Being a WaveMaker means working on yourself as a professional and as a person. It is our responsibility to create a safe space in which you feel comfortable and valued, allowing you to grow as a human.


As a WaveMaker, you will look at yourself differently. You will adopt a leadership mindset and be equipped with a toolbox to be more influential at work. And you'll be part of the WaveMakers community even after the program. Make waves and move mountains together!


We believe in Authentic Leadership and leading from the inside out. In the first half of the WaveMakers program, you will focus on standing up for yourself. You will explore your unique self, tackle self-doubts, and start putting yourself first. In the second half of the program, you will focus on standing up for yourself in demanding work environments. You will address workplace biases, acquire influencing skills, and make your voice heard.

Discover the Leader Inside of You

Week 1: Personality

You will start your personal leadership journey by (re)connecting with your true self. A deep-dive into who you are with your talents, values, and unique strengths.

Week 2: Insecurities

You will get a better understanding of your inner barriers and everything that keeps holding you back. Plus tools to overcome self-doubt and impostor syndrome.

Week 3: Mindfulness

You will reflect on your daily habits and understand your energizers and motivators. Looking at your personal and professional lives for a better balance and focus.

Influence the World Around You

Week 4: Unconscious Bias

You will evaluate your own biases and critically assess your environment. A new toolkit will help you recognize biases and overcome stereotypes.

Week 5: Communication

You will learn to influence structures and relationships to empower yourself and unleash your full potential. Influence interpersonal dynamics and perceptions.

Week 6: Image & Exposure

You will gain new perspectives on putting yourself "out there" and start taking up more space with your authentic self and what you want to share with the world.


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What's included

  • 6-week guided leadership journey, incl. weekly live sessions on Zoom
  • Practical leadership tools and personal development materials, including videos, blogs, and articles
  • Access to a Slack community with 24/7 community support
  • 40-page workbook with weekly summaries, exercises, questions, and „homework“ experiments
  • Easy-to-apply tools and methods from Design, Entrepreneurship, and Psychology
  • Access to an accountability partner that will be your buddy along the way, even after completion
  • Lifelong access to the WaveMakers community
  • Certificate of completion

Are you ready to cross the boundaries of what you think you're capable of?

  • Next Cohort: March 8 - April 21

    6 Week Guided Leadership Journey
  • Time Investment: 4-6 hours/week

    Price: 999 Euros
  • Investment: 799 Euros
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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not a manager. Is the program still for me?

Definitely yes. Leadership is not a job title. It’s a decision that you can make and a mindset that we will help you foster. We don’t care about your rank and title as long as you are prepared to invest in your growth as a leader. Check out this story by Georgia Zynsser-Krys who attended one of our previous programs. Make waves, move mountains!

Is WaveMakers a Leadership Program?

Yes, it is - but a very different one. We believe that the image of leadership is completely outdated, as it’s defined by male attributes, a western-centered worldview, and many other biases - even looks. Check out this story by Annahita Esmailzadeh. We don’t want to force you into an existing leadership framework but help you discover the leader inside of you.

Who will participate in the WaveMakers program?

Every cohort is as unique as you are. We bring together a wave of driven individuals from across geographies and industries. We’ve already worked with people from 20+ countries and great companies like Google, P&G, and Amazon, but also NGOs and Creatives. We celebrate diversity and we welcome all genders.