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We are WaveMakers, Change makers, creators, sometimes rule breakers. Meet our awesome team and partners from across the globe.

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We are wavemakers,
a berlin-based Startup.

We founded WaveMakers to help anyone be a leader in their own, unique way. That's important. Because millions of insanely talented individuals out there end up following instead of leading, despite their evident potential.

We believe that you can create a massive impact by being your best self - and you're not alone. We will help you navigate the ups and downs of finding your own path to make a difference in the world.

Make waves, move mountains.

We are Wavemakers


Founder & CEO 

Katja is a Berlin-based entrepreneur with a corporate background from Philips and SAP. As the founder of WaveMakers, Katja was awarded the Berlin Startup Scholarship and she’s a finalist of the Digital Female Leader Award 2021. Katja is responsible for the business and the team, and she facilitates the WaveMakers program. “Leadership comes in many shapes and forms. And that’s the beauty of it.”


Co-Founder & CPO

Gabriela is our vibrant MBA grad from UFSCAR in Information, Technology, and Innovation. She is immersed in the digital world for 9+ years, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of B2C/B2B solutions. She has a big appetite for knowledge and a passion for food, photography, and longboarding.


Education & Growth

Rotem brings over 15 years of experience in Tech across education, entrepreneurship and community building. She is passionate about nurturing inclusive communities and fostering spaces where honesty and vulnerability thrive, enabling collective growth and supporting individuals on their career paths through shared wisdom and experiences.



Shalini is a storyteller who believes every person, place, and wave has a tale to tell. She crafts content and uses her amazing creative skills to grow our WaveMaker community through marketing channels. ‘I believe leadership comes from within. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.’



Yash brings over two years of expertise as a project manager and content/process specialist. He has significantly contributed to the Berlin tech ecosystem with a focus on organizational management and inclusive leadership. “Driving change through innovation and empathy, I embody Wavemakers’ spirit by empowering entrepreneurs to lead with vision and impact.”



Anastasiia is our operational virtuoso. She is a firm believer that leadership begins with self-discovery. "I believe that true power is the ripple effect of a personal growth journey, inspiring and empowering not only oneself but also all those fortunate to be touched by its transformative wave."



Anja is a digital nomad who’s traveling Europe with her van while taking amazing care of our program participants and alumni. She’s a social media creator and a co-facilitator of the WaveMakers program. “I believe everyone is a leader of their own life and I am a big advocate for being the change you want to see in the world. At WaveMakers one of our goals is to help you find your true self and be proud of it.”


Academy Consultant

Vaida is an experienced UX Designer. She pivoted her career from Marketing to Design and has already mentored dozens of young professionals on their career paths. As a WaveMakers facilitator, she helps humans grow with her knowledge in Design Thinking and Psychology. “I am a WaveMaker because I believe that when we have the courage to walk into our story and own it, we get to write the ending.”

WaveMakers is not a leadership program, we redefine leadership. We help you discover the leader inside of you.

Because leadership is not a job title. You've got the power to lead - in your own, unique way.

We guide you to influence at all levels while being true to yourself. Learn, experiment, and grow alongside other WaveMakers.

Meet our experts

Malcolm Larri

Founder  /Leadership & Culture Consultant /TEDx Host

Stephanie Horwitz

Storyteller /Podcast Host of "What Should I Do With My Life?"

Marc Aden Gray

Messenger/ Speaker /Trainer, Professional Actor

Kave Bulambo

Founder @TalentDiverse / Diversity Advocate



Outgrow yourself

Waves start small, but they can end up gigantic. Waves of influence are a force of nature, traveling thousands of miles. WaveMakers never stand still, but continuously move forward. They outgrow themselves to touch the lives of many.

Join forces

One wave never comes alone. A wave creates ripples, pulling other waves along. But it always needs that one wave to ignite many. WaveMakers dare to lead and join forces with others. They change course and create new ideals - one wave at a time.


Every wave is unique. Think of audio waves, sun rays to the ocean. Some waters are deep and some are depthless, but you can never judge by looking at the surface only. WaveMakers embrace their natural forces as they spread out into the world.

Meet our Advisors


Leadership Studies


Product & Tech


Social Entrepreneurship


Market & Finance

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Digital Female Leader Award 2021

Katja Kolmetz is a finalist in the category Digital Leadership. "A title doesn’t make a leader, and not every leader needs a title: Leadership comes in many shapes and forms - and that’s the beauty of it.”...

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What Should I Do With My Life

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We offer various workshops and events around next gen leadership, diversity, empowerment, and unconscious bias. You can also request the WaveMakers team for talks and interviews. Just drop us a message if you would like to collaborate with us!

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