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WaveMakers empowers you to influence at all levels while staying true to yourself, because the world needs more authentic leaders - like you!

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Redefining Leadership

Leadership is not a job title.
It's a decision that you can make and a mindset that we can help you foster.

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WaveMakers empowers diverse, authentic leaders and leaders-to-be.

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WaveMakers Fellowship

1 year learning & community experience (6-week leadership program + advanced self-paced learning)  to unleash your
leadership potential through practical tools and training.

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An invite-only community of like-minded people who share, learn and grow in a safe space and redefine leadership together - because one wave never comes alone!

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WaveMakers Connect

Biweekly events with amazing speakers from around the world who share their own stories, create meaningful connections, and help you grow, personally and professionally.

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Feeling like a fraud ?

The so-called “impostor syndrome” (feeling like a fraud ) is a phenomenon that 70% of people experience in their lifetime. It appears to be particularly prevalent and intense among high-achieving women. People who experience the impostor phenomenon have a hard time believing that their success is deserved or legitimate — even though there is ample evidence of it.

How many of you have ever felt like an impostor as if you didn’t deserve your success or position? Do you ever think that way about yourself: “I was lucky” or “I’m not good enough”?

If that sounds like you, you came to the right place. At WaveMakers, we break the barriers of impostor syndrome, self-doubt and insecurities that many growth-oriented individuals experience, especially women and underrepresented groups as they outgrow themselves and progress in their careers. That’s why we developed the WaveMakers Fellowship, a learning- and community experience, 6-week live leadership program + advanced self-paced learning for rest of the year. Our fellowship puts your needs at the center and empowers you to become the leader of your life and career!

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Alumni testimonials

The program puts a completely different light on leadership and self-guidance. The WaveMakers approach enables individuals to take a look at themselves as 'game changers' in a professional and broader context.

Natalia Siemiaszko

Digital Marketing Specialist at Corteva Agriscience

The care and attention that went into this course was remarkable. The whole team has
put in a lot of work into this course and really want to help you succeed.

Gavin Lesh

Human Resources Manager at Omos Media

After the program, I started three things: actively looking for another job after five years,
plan to move abroad and going regularly to therapy for the first time in my life.

Iva Korženska

UX Architect at ATS Global

Wall of love

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Natalia Siemiaszko at WaveMakers Connect

Natalia is a WaveMakers alumna and brand ambassador. She hosted a WaveMakers Connect session about “Human Connection in a Remote Work Culture”. Watch it now and subscribe to our newsletter for future invites!

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Was Albert Einstein an Impostor?

Was Albert Einstein an impostor? Probably not. But surprisingly he did feel like one. “I feel compelled to think of myself as an involuntary swindler.” — Albert Einstein in 1955, shortly before his death…

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Why we need WaveMakers

Have you ever experienced a stadium wave? That magical moment when thousands of people get up from their seats, raise their arms to the sky — cheering, crying, connecting with strangers…

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