Do you think you're not good enough?
Like your opinion doesn't matter?
Your voice isn't heard?
You couldn't do it alone and start your own business?

sounds familiar?

You’re not alone!
Most people experience limiting beliefs at some point in their lives and careers.
But what if you could turn those beliefs around and rewrite your story?
Exactly the way you want it to look - without any limits? 🙌
Join us for an expert-led leadership workshop, where you will recognize your limiting beliefs and learn strategies to create a work-life that energizes and fulfills you. 🤗

We’ve helped over 400 WaveMakers break free of their own thought patterns with this highly-effective workshop!

What to expect:
Meet your coach..

Katja Kolmetz is the founder of WaveMakers and a passionate startup and career coach. She facilitates quarterly leadership programs and gives lectures at universities across Europe. With WaveMakers, she won the Berlin Startup Scholarship and she is a finalist for the Digital Female Leader Award 2021. Prior to her entrepreneurial journey, Katja led projects and teams at Philips and SAP.
The WaveMakers Team…

WaveMakers empowers diverse, authentic leaders and leaders-to-be. Because leadership is not a job title - it’s a decision that you can make, and a mindset that we can help you foster.