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Up to 75% of people feel  “stuck” personally and professionally, and  85% are unsatisfied with their employer’s support.

The result? A mass exodus of employees. Costing time and resources for businesses forced to seek out new talent. WaveMakers bridges the gap between employer and employee.  Offering a 6 -week leadership program focused on developing the individual, led by business experts. Levelling up their confidence and giving them the power to exceed their potential. Transforming the individual. Benefitting your business.

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WhAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM THE wavemakers program?

With the WaveMakers Program you will be able to...

Combat burnout

Looking after employee emotional well-being is key to healthy and safe space. Mental distress and disfunction can wear away at companies; the right interventions guarantee success.

Retain your talent

Our program facilitates dialogues and it’s a safe space to share personal insights and perspectives. In so doing, we aim to help build more integrated and cohesive teams and allow truly great ideas to emerge .

Shape your new leaders

By joining as a team you will develop a new wave of empowered and self-reflective leaders.


What’s included

  • 6 -module WaveMakers curriculum
  • Team Enablement training & materials
  • 12 live sessions (+ meet & greet session)
  • 2 expert workshops
  • 60-page digital workbook

  • Coaching group guides exercises and weekly challenges
  • Access to memeber-only community
  • Future updates to course content
  • Lifetime access to future cohorts  (full participation)
  • Sponsor a partial scholarship that is awarded to a WaveMaker from an undeserved community


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Who is the WaveMakers Fellowship for?

The WaveMakers Fellowship is perfect for ambitious professionals eager to take their careers to the next level. It's designed for those who want to overcome imposter syndrome, embrace their authentic selves, and gain the confidence to lead with impact. If you're looking for top-quality resources, supportive mentorship, and a vibrant community to help you thrive, this program is for you.

The program is recommended for you if:

  • You want to excel in your current role and prepare for the next steps.
  • You’re transitioning into a management role.
  •  You wish to influence stakeholders without being authoritative.  
  • You’re an introvert who wants their ideas heard and valued.
  • You want to lead impactful teams and projects.

Join us if you're excited to transform your professional journey and make waves of impact.

Who is the fellowship  NOT recommended for?

The WaveMakers program is not recommended if you have less than 2 years of work experience or if you’re an experienced people manager (e.g., you’re a manager of managers). If you’re unsure if the program is a good fit given your role, just contact us.

How long is the WaveMakers Fellowship?

The fellowship kicks off with an immersive 6-week program focused on supporting you with your specific leadership challenges. During this time, you’ll dive deep into practical training, work on real-world projects, and develop essential leadership skills.

After completing the initial 6 weeks, your journey doesn’t stop there! You’ll get a full year of membership (the 6 weeks included) to continue growing and learning. This includes ongoing access to exclusive resources, advanced learning materials, and a supportive circle of mentors and peers. The year-long membership can be renewed, ensuring you have continuous opportunities for development and connection.

What is the time commitment and when are the live sessions?

The 6-week online program is designed to fit your busy work schedule. Each week you will:

  • Get access to new video content and join weekly live sessions on Tuesdays from 6-7:30 PM CET, where you'll exchange experiences, work through weekly exercises together, and participate in breakout rooms.
  • Attend optional expert sessions on select Thursdays from 6-6:45 PM CET to learn new strategies and frameworks, followed by an optional Q&A session (1 hour).

This commitment is for the first 6 weeks. Afterwards, it's up to you how much you engage. You can learn and grow at your own pace with monthly events, new videos and exercises, and networking opportunities.

Is the Fellowship only for women and underrepresented groups?

While our mission prioritizes empowering women and underrepresented groups, the Fellowship is open to anyone who seeks to develop their leadership skills and advance their career in an inclusive and supportive environment.

What kind of support can I expect?

You’ll receive ongoing support from the WaveMakers community team, access to a close-knit circle that understands your journey, industry experts and top-notch resources tailored to your growth and designed to help you maintain momentum and motivation long term.

What makes the WaveMakers Fellowship different from other leadership programs?

Unlike most leadership programs, the WaveMakers Fellowship isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience. You’ll receive personalized feedback and guidance tailored to your unique career goals and challenges from the team and your peers. This ensures that what you learn will be directly applicable to your personal journey. The Fellowship also stands out because it focuses on continuous learning, constant connection opportunities, access to expert leaders, and practical, actionable, real-time advice.

How much  does  the Fellowship cost?

The Fellowship is an annual subscription. You can choose to pay in €39 monthly installments, totaling €468 per year, or opt for annual billing at a 20% discount, reducing the cost to only €375. We wanted to make sure to keep the cost affordable while still offering great value because we believe everyone should have access to leadership education. This flexible payment structure ensures that you can invest in your leadership development in a way that suits your budget.

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Leadership Program


6 weeks

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January 4, 2023

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4 Hours/ week



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