Navigating Career Pivots with Stephanie Horwitz

Posted By:
Shalini Singh
May 22, 2023

🎙️ Calling all career explorers and dream chasers! Get ready to dive into the inspiring world of Stephanie Horwitz, the fabulous Podcast Host of “What Should I Do With My Life?” 🎧 In this captivating chat with Stephanie, we’re about to embark on a journey of self-discovery, authenticity, and embracing the twists and turns of our professional paths.

As a storyteller, connector, and all-around awesome human being, Stephanie is here to remind us that it’s absolutely A-OK to be in the “figuring it out” stage of life. 🌟 With a refreshing twist, she interviews successful individuals on her podcast who appear to have their lives all sorted out but uncover the untold stories of their career journeys. It’s like peeling back the layers of success to reveal the real, raw moments that shaped their paths.

“None of us know what we’re doing with our lives, and that’s okay and that’s normal,” Stephanie exclaims with an infectious enthusiasm. And she’s absolutely right! We live in a time of mixed signals and high expectations, where LinkedIn profiles showcase seemingly flawless careers, leaving us questioning our own choices.

Embracing Change and Pursuing Passions

When asked why people often lack support when they decide to switch careers or explore various passions, Stephanie offers an enlightening perspective. With a nod of agreement, she shares, “I think we get kind of tethered to this identity… and then we put ourselves in this box and think we can’t do anything else or we shouldn’t do anything else because we already made an investment of time or energy.” 💸

Stephanie raises a thought-provoking point about generational differences, highlighting how our parents’ generation often held the same job for extended periods, while our generation is more inclined to make career shifts and embrace new opportunities. This unconventional approach might seem unfamiliar and potentially risky to some, leading them to question and express concerns about the decision to change paths.

However, Stephanie is quick to acknowledge a shift in mindset and societal encouragement when it comes to switching jobs as well as trying to figure out what works best for us. She notes, “I feel like I’m seeing more and more people having side hustles or passion projects… it’s more and more encouraged.” 💪 In an era where job insecurity looms and the idea of multiple income streams gains traction, the concept of finding fulfillment through pursuing one’s interests takes center stage. Stephanie passionately expresses that today, it seems that we are being urged to discover our true passions, talents, and turn them into sustainable careers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly played a significant role in this renewed perspective. Stephanie points out, “Life’s too short… people made big changes during the pandemic.” The collective realization that life can take unexpected turns has fueled a desire for freedom and fulfillment.✨ It has sparked a wave of individuals breaking free from the confines of their previous lives, embarking on new ventures, and embracing the notion that our time should be spent doing what truly brings us joy.

Navigating Career Change

Stephanie emphasizes the importance of connecting with professionals who have already embarked on a similar path. 💼 “Talk to as many people as possible who are doing just that,” she advises. By engaging in conversations and learning about their day-to-day experiences, you gain valuable insights into the realities of the desired career. Additionally, Stephanie highlights the power of networking while exploring new opportunities. “You’re expanding your network in parallel,” she exclaims. As you reach out to individuals in your desired field, not only do you gain knowledge, but you also create valuable connections that may prove instrumental in your journey. It’s a win-win situation! And, hopefully, you will be able to provide value to those contacts as well down the road! 🤝

To further facilitate your transition, Stephanie encourages dabbling in different areas. Whether it’s taking courses or engaging in side projects, these non-committal endeavors allow you to explore various vocations and gauge your interest and aptitude. 🎓 “Get your hands dirty a little without just quitting your job and going all in,” she suggests cheerfully. It’s about gaining exposure and understanding before taking the leap.

Stephanie also reminds us to remain humble and open-minded throughout the process. Recognizing that continuous learning is key, she emphasizes that starting from scratch or accepting an entry-level position shouldn’t deter us from pursuing our dreams. 🚀 Sometimes, taking what may seem like a step back is actually a crucial move in the grand scheme of things.🎯

Change can be daunting, and the allure of familiarity often keeps us rooted in situations that no longer bring us joy. But Stephanie urges us to embrace the uncertainty and take control of our destinies.🌈 “It’s never too late to make the change,” she affirms with a knowing smile. Your timeline is unique, and comparisons with others are irrelevant. Trust your instincts, be bold, and chart your own course to fulfillment!

Finding Your Happy Place

Stephanie affirms, “I’ve never been a person who has a clear North star and a clear career path. I have a lot of different interests and passions.” The key lies in embracing trial and error, in boldly venturing into new territories. “You need to try different things, put yourself in different scenarios, take on different projects, and have different experiences,” she enthusiastically suggests. By exploring diverse opportunities, we can gradually unravel our likes and dislikes, ultimately gaining clarity about our own preferences.

Stephanie’s advice resonates with the power of movement and taking that first step toward change. She explains, “If you don’t move, you’re stuck. But even if you take a step that might not be in the right direction you desire, it still brings you closer to where you want to be.” 🚶‍♀️ So, the key is to keep exploring, adapting, and refining our path, one step at a time.

In addition to actively trying new things, Stephanie emphasizes the importance of introspection and self-awareness.💭 She encourages us to ponder questions such as: What truly makes us happy? What activities come naturally to us? How do we envision our day-to-day life? By comparing our current situation to our ideal, we can gain invaluable clarity and guidance.

Finding Balance and Embracing Dynamism in Our Careers

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of putting too much weight on our careers, expecting them to be the sole source of happiness, growth, and identity. Stephanie challenges us to pause and reflect on this mindset, urging us to explore other avenues in our lives for satisfaction and personal growth.😌

“I think what’s really important is that we try to understand our relationship to work,” Stephanie suggests. It’s crucial to recognize that everyone’s journey and needs are unique. While some individuals may find their work as the defining aspect of their identity, it’s not the case for everyone. Oftentimes, we need to work because we need to pay the bills, and may not have the luxury of exploring a career path that aligns with our strengths, or what we really want to be doing.

Stephanie candidly shares her own desire for dynamism and change, emphasizing the importance of variety in her daily tasks and projects. “I want things to be dynamic, interesting, and diverse,” she explains. Understanding these personal preferences empowers us to make intentional choices and seek opportunities that align with our need for growth and excitement.

Embracing Job Crafting

So how can we dive into job crafting? Stephanie suggests taking a closer look at our current responsibilities. Identify what you enjoy and what you’d like to do more of. It doesn’t have to be a grand endeavor — small steps can make a big difference.📝For instance, if you love writing, why not propose a monthly feature or a newsletter for your team or partners? While it might not be part of your official job description, having a supportive environment can make all the difference.

But how do you approach your manager about these additional interests? Stephanie advises starting with a solid foundation. Ensure you’re meeting expectations and delivering on your core responsibilities. Building trust and demonstrating your capabilities will lay the groundwork for further conversations. When discussing growth and development with your manager, openly share your likes, dislikes, and aspirations.🌱 A good manager should have a genuine interest in your professional journey and seek to align your goals with those of the organization.

Moreover, showcasing the benefits of your proposed job crafting initiatives can make a compelling case. Clearly articulate how your ideas align with team goals and bring positive outcomes. Stephanie highlights the importance of vocalizing what you enjoy to your manager, as most managers want their employees to be happy. By emphasizing the positive impact and connection to overarching objectives, you can gain support for your job-crafting endeavors.

As we conclude our enlightening conversation with Stephanie Horwitz, her words of wisdom resonate deeply: “There is no straight path. Making a change or pivot doesn’t mean you’re off course; it’s likely bringing you closer to your true path.” 🚀

Reflecting on our discussion about work, job crafting, and navigating career pivots, Stephanie emphasizes the importance of being in tune with ourselves. In the realm of jobs and careers, authenticity is key. It’s crucial to listen to ourselves and strive for alignment between our work and our inner desires.🌈 Genuine fulfillment cannot be faked, so being attuned to our own needs and aspirations is paramount when exploring career paths and contemplating change.

Until next time, keep dreaming big and making waves! 🌊