From Risk to Reward: Advice for Women Entrepreneurs

Posted By:
Shalini Singh
May 2, 2023

Are you tired of scrolling endlessly on your phone to find events that match your interests? Are you tired of feeling lonely at events or worse, missing out altogether? 🎉We had the pleasure of speaking with the founders of Louco, Evîn, and Helin Acar, WaveMakers alumnae. They are building the world´s first social super app for events that will be launched this summer in Germany! 📱 Not only can you find live entertainment events based on your interests and preferences in a flash, but you can also connect with like-minded people and even find a matching companion to attend events with! 😍 According to Evîn, “With Louco we want to bring people back to the central of life ‘the event’, and meet like-minded people to enjoy life together.”

Evîn tells us the mission of Louco is to help people to discover events that match their interests in the most easiest way. Louco is different than all the solutions offered today. It´s not only easy, but also fun, comfortable, and dynamic. 🌍 But that’s not all! Helin adds that Louco’s long-term goal is to become the most influential social event platform, making a huge impact on social lives worldwide, and shaking up the live entertainment industry as well! Be excited!💃🏽

Helin shares that as female founders, their journey has been challenging but also rewarding. “We faced discrimination in the business world due to our gender. Early on, many people didn’t take us seriously👩‍💼. But in the last couple of months, we have met some female founders who have had similar experiences and we push each other forward.”

💡Evîn added that joining a female accelerator program in Frankfurt and connecting with mentors and investors has been a game-changer for them. “We got a lot of support from Business Angels, and VCs as mentors, pitch coach, and founders. They support us with their experiences, know-how, and opinions.”

🌊Through programs like Wavemaker’s leadership program, they’ve also met amazing people who believe in their vision and want to join them in delivering a social impact. As Evîn said, “[Molly, WaveMakers alumna] was convinced about the idea behind our product and what we try to achieve. And now she is the CMO of our startup”

🚀During our chat, we asked them what advice they would give to their younger selves. Evîn advised, “Reduce the risk by doing research, talking to target groups, and experts from the legal and technical side.” But most importantly, believe in yourself and don’t waste too much time over-researching if you already have proof of a successful, scalable business. They say, “Get out of your comfort zone”.

🌟 Helin added, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.” Their startup’s name, Louco, means crazy and it’s that determination and willingness to take risks that has led them to where they are today. They encourage learning from others, even the “stupid” ones, and keeping the focus on the vision.

They also had some incredible advice for women wanting to start their own business. Helin’s advice was simple yet powerful: “Ask for support, ask for help.” 🌞 It’s okay to ask questions and get help, no matter how silly you think your questions might be. And she’s right, there’s no harm in asking questions and seeking guidance.

And Evîn echoed that sentiment, encouraging women to just go for it and not worry about the risk.💰 “Don´t think about the risks too much. The worst thing you can lose is money. Not time, because these are experiences that are valuable for your next business, if you fail with the first one.” It’s easy to get caught up in the fear of failure, but as the Louco founders prove, taking a leap of faith can lead to great success. So, if you’re a woman with a dream of starting your own business, take it from these inspiring Louco founders and just go for it!

Becoming a WaveMaker has also impacted Helin and Evin’s leadership styles positively. They have learned that anyone, regardless of gender, can be a great leader with confidence and a positive mindset. The program also provided them with a different perspective on their weaknesses, helping them turn them into strengths.🌊This is an inspiring lesson for all of us to learn: we can all be great leaders, no matter our background or experience. Let’s remember to be confident, have a positive mindset, and support each other along the way! As Evîn said, “Do it with passion and use your strengths and skills” Let’s all strive to do just that and be the best leaders we can be!🥳