From Curiosity to Confidence: How Women Can Succeed in Health and Tech

Posted By:
Shalini Singh
March 23, 2023

The WaveMakers team had the pleasure to chat with Tali Segev, the VP of Customer Success at MyndYou, a digital health product in the United States. MyndYou works with healthcare organizations to remove barriers to care and positively impact public health through technology. Tali leads a diverse team of customer success managers, clinical specialists, and support specialists.

💭 Tali never thought she would go into tech. She was convinced she would work in traditional public health. But while studying for her Master’s degree in public health, Tali met the incredible CEO of MyndYou, who was looking for a social media manager. Tali took a leap of faith, and it turned out to be exactly what she wanted to do in the public health space. “At that moment, the WHAT didn’t matter so much. What mattered were the people and the mission.”

👉 Tali started as a social media manager, but when the CEO realized she needed someone to take a more active role in the company, Tali became the first ‘generalist’. Tali was doing marketing, operations, business development, and taking care of customers.

‘I first started doing a bit of everything. As we grew, I was able to think about where I wanted to deepen my expertise. I remember saying to Ruth at the time that I really enjoyed building out relationships and impacting customers long-term.’

Then came the second major transition as Tali shifted to Customer Success Manager and slowly built the whole customer success function of the company💫. Over the years, Tali became the Director of Customer Success and eventually the Vice President of Customer Success🌊.

🚀 When asked about what drives the team at MyndYou, Tali said, “Our mission brings us together.” MyndYou’s mission is to make a real impact on people’s health, their lives, and the fragmented healthcare system in the US by using technology.

“There are two missions in every startup: The first mission is your product, what your product is impacting. The second mission is the success of your startup, the mission of becoming something big enough to make waves. They go hand in hand.’

💪 Tali has always been passionate about improving access to healthcare since she started in healthcare at 18. Growing up, she saw how the existing healthcare system was impacting her family and knew that it wasn’t easy for anyone, but it was easier for some people than others. Her mission is to allow people to access healthcare in the easiest and highest quality way possible. Tali also loves working in a fast-paced environment like a startup. She enjoys building something, watching it grow, and making an impact on people’s health and the business.

🤝 What makes a perfect team?

‘In the startup world, you have to commit to working very hard. I study, I learn, and I work. When you’re creating something new, you have to have that extra commitment.’

It’s essential to have a mix of people, from the cheerleaders and visionaries to the optimists and pessimists. Tali explains, a visionary is someone who always looks forward and thinks about what they could do better, smarter, and more efficiently. Tali is more of a worrier and needs a plan backed by data and preparation.

‘I don’t think I’d be where I am today if I were less of a worrier. It’s what makes me go the extra mile and find solutions for every problem I could think of. It is what helps me personally.’

How did she get where she is today? ‘Through hard work to develop my talents, luck, and trust. Those are the three things that got me here.’

Tali also shares her thoughts on women’s representation in tech and health industries. ‘Digital health does have more women than cyber tech for example. I know the number of women in executive positions is still less but it’s improving.’

Tali works in a company with a female CEO and many women in leadership positions. She thinks that women are well-represented in her company, which is amazing! 💪 It’s inspiring for her to work with women in development, technology, and other areas of the company.

Tali emphasizes that there are so many opportunities for everyone in tech. There’s the business side, clinical side, and customer side when it comes to digital health. All these sides contribute to driving the product forward. 🚀

Now, what advice does Tali have for women who want to work in health and tech? Firstly, she suggests finding a company and mission that you believe in. You need to believe in the product to reach your goals in Customer Success.

Secondly, be curious about what you don’t know and work on filling those gaps. If you’re curious about tech, learn as much as you can about your company’s technology.

Lastly, step out of your comfort zone! Tali did this by going into technology and taking on a leadership role. It may be intimidating, but pushing your limits can give you the most fulfilling results. 🌟

So, ladies, don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams in healthcare and tech! With hard work, dedication, and a supportive team, anything is possible. 🙌