A Woman’s Journey in the Male-Dominated Tech Industry

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WaveMakers Team
February 9, 2023

Meet Sandra Döpking, a software consultant 💻 who has a Ph.D. in mathematics and a background in engineering. Despite her impressive credentials, she’s experienced both positive and negative treatment in the tech industry because of her gender. Although she hasn’t faced overt discrimination, she recognizes that the pressure to conform to traditional stereotypes can be tough.

As a woman in a field dominated by men, Sandra has faced challenges in breaking stereotypes and proving her worth. But she’s not one to back down! Despite having to prove her technical abilities more than her social skills, she’s proud to be one of the few women💪 in her work group of over 25 people.

Unfortunately, the lack of diversity in tech is a well-known issue. That’s why Sandra wants to inspire and motivate other women to consider careers in tech💜. She believes that creating a welcoming and inclusive environment is key to bridging the gender gap.

One of the biggest challenges faced by women in technical roles is the lack of role models in the industry. Sandra believes that companies can help make technical roles more appealing to women by promoting diversity and representation at the leadership level🙌.

“I would love to see my fellow women in tech rise up to leadership roles and get experience and advice from them. That is more appealing to me than anything else. Diversity makes work more exciting, different viewpoints, and fresh takes.”, as Sandra puts it.

As a scrum master, Sandra has observed that many team members feel more comfortable confiding in female colleagues. This could be due to the fact that men tend to have less competition with women and may feel more comfortable being vulnerable around them. However, this also means that there is a potential for oversharing of personal matters that can sometimes interfere with the professional dynamic. Despite these challenges, Sandra believes that the benefits of having more women in leadership roles far outweigh any potential downsides✨.

During her Ph.D. in mathematics, Sandra felt pressure to present herself in a more masculine manner in order to fit in with her peers. However, she now recognizes that this was an unhealthy and inauthentic way to approach her career.

Sandra believes that being true to oneself and embracing both masculine and feminine traits can be a strength in the workplace.💫By building strong personal relationships with her colleagues, Sandra has been able to show her technical skills and expertise, while still staying true to herself.

As she looks to the future of her career, Sandra hopes to one day lead a team of her own, and she wants to create a balanced work environment where people can both argue about technical matters and have good personal relationships.

Sandra stresses that women in tech do not have to compromise and act like men to be valuable and successful in their careers.🌞

“You don’t have to be like a man to be valuable. I did a lot of that at the beginning where I mirrored myself against the same standards for men, thinking that I have to act like them and achieve the same stuff. But all of your personal unique traits are valuable and measuring yourself against others is very unhealthy.”

It’s important to remember that your unique traits and experiences are what make you stand out from the crowd. 🌟Comparing yourself to others won’t get you very far and it’s much more helpful to focus on becoming the best version of yourself.