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Our mission is to empower leaders and leaders-to-be to outgrow themselves without compromising who they are and where they come from.

As a winner of #25IMPACTLEADERS 2023, we will equip you with contacts, professional leadership training, mentoring and more to bring yourself and your project to the next level.

What is #25ImpactLeaders Project?


Everyone can nominate a person from their community who is actively doing impactful projects and who deserves to be gifted a Full WaveMakers Leadership Scholarship.


We're looking for people to invest into a future they want by supporting 1 of 25 Impact Leaders from 4 categories: #climate #humanitarian #sustainability & #womenrights

Move Mountains

We want to lift up inspiring people and equip them with the right tools, networks, and allies, so they can bring their projects to the next level and thus benefit the entire world!

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Whom are we looking for?

Women Advocates

People who champion women's health, help survivors of sexual violence, participate in feminist movements & inspire others as team leaders while making a positive difference.

Climate Heroes

People who engage in community gardening, form groups to safeguard bees and insects, choose to lower their carbon emissions, and bike to support charitable causes.

Humanitarian Angels

People out there who put their lives at risk, cook meals for the homeless, build clinics for refugees in the global south, and work hard for small NGOs in less privileged areas.

Sustainability Champions

Incredible individuals who recycle and sell items in their spare time, promote self-sufficient housing, lead upcycling communities, or provide circular economy training.



How can I support that project financially?

You go to our Startnext page, select your suitable ticket amount and 100% of it goes into our #25ImpactLeaders project.

Can I just donate money, or only invest?

If you just want to support, but you do not need any of WaveMakers Service, you can find a free support ticket option on our Startnext page. Give what you can :)

I want to fund a specific person or category.

No problem. In most tickets, you can provide us with an individual's information during the purchase. With that we know, whom you want to fund exactly.

How can I nominate someone?

Currently, the nominations are closed. First week of September you will have a second chance to nominate someone. Follow our page to stay updated.

What are the criteria to nominate someone?

There is no limitation on age, gender or location. You can nominate anyone who inspires you and has a initiative or project in one of the 4 categories (#climate #sustainability #women #humanitarian)

What is the reward for the #25ImpactLeaders winner?

The 25 winners will receive a full-scholarship for the #ImpactLeaders Package from WaveMakers. That  includes a set of training, networking & mentoring with the goal to make their projects bigger.

What are impact leaders?

Impact leaders are people who guide projects, initiatives, NGOs, social businesses, or teams to make a positive difference in society or the planet.

What is an early-bird investment?

We are searching for partners who share our values before announcing the winners. Early investments benefit both the campaign and the partner. The partner will be part of the jury, gain access to influential leaders, and increase brand visibility. Our goal is to fund 25 scholarships, and you can support us by purchasing early investor tickets (click on this link).

I have been nominated for #25impactleaders. What is happening now?

If you accepted the nomination, just wait until August 7th, 2023. Check our social media or your email to see if you're one of the first round of lucky winners. If you didn't get accepted but we really liked you, we'll contact you to ask for more information and put you on a waiting list. Once the winners are announced, they will meet up, and we'll start promoting your project and connect you with people who share similar interests

Crowdfunding is open from 7th Aug until 30th Nov 2023


start Date:

July 12, 2023


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