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We support next gen leaders and innovative businesses that want to outgrow themselves by empowering their people.

Did you know that …

… 61% of employees bend themselves out of shape in order to fit in at work? At WaveMakers, we have a lot of experience in helping individuals find their own way of leading - leading people, leading projects, and - most importantly - leading themselves to make more impact with their work.

We can help you create collaborative, safe environments in which individuals feel comfortable to bring their whole selves to work, share their unique perspectives to enable creative problem solving, and feel empowered and motivated to achieve better outcomes.

We help you with

Next Gen Leadership

Enabling a generation of diverse, authentic leaders who are aware of their unique strengths, limitations, and emotions.

Diversity & Inclusion

Increasing equity in the workplace by educating leaders and teams about unconscious bias, psychological safety, and (remote) collaboration.

Cultural Transformation

Creating a new work culture that values Millenial and Gen Z needs for diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and reskilling.

Brands we have worked with

Workshop Impressions

Client: LEGO

Duration: 1h

Number of participants: 27

Workshop: "Radical Inclusion" workshop at LEGO Digital Summit 2021

Goal: Exploring the different layers of diversity, unconscious biases, and the role of leadership in creating psychological safety.

Participant voice: “It was super insightful, but it also made me realize that there is so much I don't know.”

Facilitator: Katja Kolmetz, Founder of WaveMakers

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Team deals for our WaveMaker Program, Female Leadership Program as well as closed cohorts and special formats for your team.


Anything from unconscious bias trainings to moderated "Fuckup Sessions" (aka Failing Mindfully), personal development, and team building.

Talks & Interviews

Inquire our team for talks and panels, interviews, podcasts and other creative formats focused on Leadership, Diversity, and Innovation.

Why Us

We are WaveMakers, a Berlin-based startup.

We founded WaveMakers to help anyone be a leader in their own, unique way. That's important. Because millions of insanely talented individuals out there end up following instead of leading, despite their evident potential.

We believe that you can create a massive impact by being your best self — and you’re not alone. We will help you navigate the ups and downs of finding your own path to make a difference in the world.

Make waves, move mountains.

The Wavemakers Team


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